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Is Being Back at Work Causing Your Back to Ache?

By January 31, 2023Health News

Holidays are sadly coming to an end for all of us and we find ourselves stuck in front of the computer for longer than we would like.

It may not be long until you start to notice that little niggle between your shoulder blades return after a rather pleasant break.

 So, what is going on? We often get asked the question; is it my muscles or is it the joints? Quite often it involves both. The pain between your shoulders, so often caused prolonged periods spent in sedentary posture, may arise from both irritated spinal facet joints, and fatigued postural muscles. Some people also notice that the joints in their neck can refer pain to their upper back.

First things first, get up, move, and stretch. You have probably been sitting still for far too long.

If you would like more clarification about the cause of your pain and what to do about it give us a call.