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Men’s Health Week June 12-18

By June 9, 2023Health News

During Men’s Health Week we are encouraging all men to embrace this year’s theme and start implementing healthy habits, particularly when it comes to physical activity.

One of the biggest things we hear is that people don’t feel they have enough time to introduce exercise into their daily routine.

The truth is you don’t have spend hours slaving away at the gym to enjoy the benefits of better health. Men only require about 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to stay healthy, that could be 30 minutes of walking, 5 times a week.

Try thinking about different ways you can walk doing activities you already do. For instance, when catching up with a friend go for a walk instead of sitting down at a café, try walking the block during a work meeting or phone call.

If walking is not for you then some people find they get more bang for buck by taking part in regular strength classes or spending less time doing a higher intensity form of exercise such as running or cycling.

Not convinced?

The Australian Men’s Health Forum released some interesting stats about how staying physically active can help reduce your risk of disease. They stated that finding ways to achieve regular activity can help reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of an active life style or are looking for further tips on how to work physical activity into your daily routine follow our updates this week when you visit our facebook page