Chiropractic focuses on the connection between the spine and the nervous system and how that connection can affect our wellbeing. By utilising specific adjustments and manipulations to mobilise joints, treatment is aimed at stimulating the nervous system, improving function and reducing pain and symptoms.

Our Chiropractors develop specific exercise programmes for our patients to help in their recovery and help maximise their function and performance.

We liaise with physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, podiatrists and exercise physiologists.

Some patients require the combination of massage and chiropractic.

We have access to myotherapists and remedial massage therapists to help support our treatment programmes.

Both Dr Mark and Dr Sophia have gained further post-graduate training in the area of functional neurology. It enables them to prescribe effective treatment programmes for more complicated cases. If you have a chronic or complex health condition we may be able to offer you relief.

Health Conditions

Neck pain

Hip pain

Knee pain


Plantar fasciitis


Face and jaw pain


Tennis Elbow

Golfers Elbow


Shoulder pain


Lower Back Pain

Children’s conditions

Mid-back pain

Chest pain

Wrist and hand pain



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