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‘Get Spine Active’ this World Spine Day

By February 16, 2022February 25th, 2022Health News

Every year on 16 October, people from around the world come together on World Spine Day (an initiative of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health) to raise awareness about spinal disorders and empower others to take charge of their spinal health.

With half of Australians not being sufficiently physically active and back problems reported as number one globally, Australians of all ages are putting their spinal health and wellbeing at risk.

To combat this epidemic, World Spine Day 2019 and Hartwell Chiropractic Centre are encouraging patients to ‘Get Spine Active.’ This initiative aims to highlight the importance of physical activity, movement and exercise for maintaining spinal health. This year aims to encourage everyone, no matter age or ability, to find ways to get spine active that suits their lifestyle. It is simply about forming good, healthy habits that can be implemented every day.

The good news is that being spine active can take many forms. Whether it’s running, weightlifting, swimming or cycling, regular exercise not only strengthens your spine and improves your physical health but can be extremely beneficial to a number of other health factors including energy levels, sleeping patterns, metabolism and so much more.

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