A Bigger Butt Means a Bigger Brain

By January 24, 2019 Health News

Did you know that using your gluteal muscles (buttock muscles) helps to stimulate brain activity?

These gluteal muscles play a vital role in enabling us to walk on two feet and in maintaining good posture. Unfortunately for many of us, lots of time spent sitting throughout our day leads to inactivity of our glutes and therefore weakness.

Extensors muscles, like the glutes, enable us to be upright. These muscles have a neurological connection to the cortical (thinking part) of the brain. So before aspiring to an oversized derriere it is worth remembering that it is their function and strength, rather than pure size that stimulates brain activity.

Weak glutes increase your risk of developing low back pain, hip, knee and feet issues and degenerative conditions. Fortunately there is a solution. We recommend a program using a series of isolated glute exercises.

If you are unsure if you have weak glutes ask your Hartwell Chiropractic Practitioner at your next visit or contact us today!