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5 steps to achieving a healthy working from home routine!

By February 18, 2022February 25th, 2022Health News

It was nice to get some good news earlier this week from the state government about easing a few of our social restrictions. While we are all looking forward to being able to see a little more of our family and friends most of us are being asked to continue working from home.

With ‘working from home’ likely to continue for the short term, here are a few helpful tips to setting up a healthy workspace.

1. Choose a designated workspace

First and foremost, it is important to have a space set up for work. Ideally this would be a desk, but for many people a dining table or kitchen bench may be all that is available. You should avoid sitting on the bed or couch while working. Not only is it impossible to achieve good ergonomics, you also want to use these places to relax at the end of your workday.

2. Take notice of your posture

If you are sitting healthy habits should include.

  • Keeping both feet flat on the ground
  • Shoulders should be down, and arms relaxed by your sides
  • When typing bend the elbows approximately 90-110 degrees
  • Keep the wrist straight when using your mouse
  • Your posture should be relaxed and tall

3. Keep your keyboard separate from your screen

To achieve healthy posture for your head and neck your screen should be at eye level as this allows your head to be neutral. To do this you must have a separate mouse and keyboard and you may need to elevate your screen.

4. Take regular breaks

Try to aim for a quick break every half an hour. It may even be useful to set reminders to get up and MOVE. Try doing a few squats or star jumps before sitting down again.

5. Stay positive and take advantage of the perks

Remember that even though it is not perfect there may still be a few perks to your new situation. Some of you may be saving a huge amount of time on your daily commute. Why not try and get up at the same time as you usually would and go on a walk before starting work for the day?   

As you know we at Hartwell Chiropractic Centre are here to help. 
If you would like some further advice on setting up your workspace at home or wanting to make an appointment, please contact us on (03) 9889 7889.